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Subsidence Repairs -

West Midlands

Building subsidence can occur due to various factors, including soil movement, groundwater changes, tree root activity, or inadequate foundation design. If left unaddressed, building subsidence can lead to significant structural damage, compromising the safety and stability of your facility.

Our Building Subsidence Repair Services:

1. Subsidence Assessment and Diagnosis: Our first step is to conduct a thorough assessment of the subsidence issue in your building. Our team of experts will analyse the visible signs, assess the underlying causes, and employ advanced techniques such as surveying and monitoring to accurately diagnose the extent and nature of the subsidence problem.

2. Tailored Repair Solutions: Once we have a clear understanding of the subsidence issue, we develop a customized repair plan tailored to your facility’s specific requirements. Our team combines proven repair techniques with the latest industry practices to stabilize the affected areas and prevent further damage.

3. Underpinning: This is a common method used to strengthen and stabilize foundations affected by subsidence. We employ various underpinning techniques, such as traditional mass concrete underpinning or modern methods like helical piles and resin injection, based on the specific needs of your building.

4. Drainage and Groundworks: In some cases, subsidence may be caused by poor drainage or ground conditions. Our team will assess and address any underlying drainage issues, such as improving surface water management or implementing effective groundwater control measures, to mitigate subsidence risks and ensure long-term stability.

5. Structural Repairs and Reinforcements: Our skilled technicians are experienced in performing structural repairs and reinforcements to restore the integrity of affected elements in your building. This may include masonry repairs, crack stitching, wall tie replacements, or strengthening of beams and columns using advanced techniques and materials.


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